Developing people – store visits

Primafruit is dedicated to serving Waitrose as its retail customer. Our team needs to live and breathe all things Waitrose if we’re to do the best job we can. It’s one thing for us to see the finished pallets of packed product heading off to Waitrose, but understanding where it goes when it leaves us is really important too.

We’ve begun a new programme of store visits. The idea is that everyone at Primafruit (no matter which department they work in) goes on a store visit, led by one of our Waitrose brand experts. In one of our closer stores – Stratford, Cheltenham or Worcester, the group takes a detailed look at layout and merchandising of our products. We look at the range as a customer will see it and we’ll discuss the quality of the products on shelf. We talk to those working in stores and explain the partnership model and how Waitrose partners are also John Lewis partners too.

The group sees the retailer’s values as embodied in The Waitrose Way, and hears in more detail about the Waitrose Foundation and the Community Matters programme. There’s plenty of time for questions and reflections on what sets Waitrose apart from other retailers. These visits are designed to help our team see the part we play at Primafruit in making Waitrose different. Feedback so far is that we’re finding the visits a really worthwhile activity.

Store visit Store visit Store visit

Picture 2 – left to right, Jaco (Citrus Technologist who led this visit), Kay (Consignment Accountant), Iris (Production Team Leader), Hubert (Warehouse & Logistics Operative) and Violeta (Quality Controller).