New extension to our facilities

For around 6 months now we’ve had a team of builders here on site, constructing a great new extension to our storage facilities.

They’ve done a great job, bringing the project in on time and on budget despite being faced with building it during Britain’s wettest winter since official records began.

At a cost of some £500,000, this extension project is a considerable investment for our company. It’s much needed to help us serve a growing business with our customers. We recently added melons into our product portfolio, but of course, they need a fair bit of space! This brand new addition to the building gives us much more flexibility in how we plan our storage areas and will help us cope better with seasonal variation. We’ve added 270 pallet spaces within a new 618m2 section of building.

We’re really looking forward to feeling the benefits from this new investment. Thanks again to all the project team and to all our staff who coped admirably with the inevitable disruption and noise that accompanies such a big project as this.

Jamie Marskell
Managing Director