Our site consists of commercial offices, a packing factory, cold storage zones and dry goods storage areas. A recent extension at the site adds 618m2, taking our operational area to 8,118m2 in total. We have a current capacity of 1920 pallet spaces, configured in a flexible pattern that means we can adapt temperature zones and storage regimes by product and by seasonal demand.

A core team of around 70 people look after the operations side of what we do. Roles span everything from production planning to pallet truck driving, packaging purchase, transport logistics, labelling, quality control, engineering, production line packing, information technology and accounting. The core team is supported by a flexible workforce in the packing factory.

SAP software has been customised to suit our exacting requirements and to provide an easy-to-use system that suits the very particular and unusual demands of the fresh produce industry.

Proud of our environmental performance, Primafruit no longer sends any waste to landfill. We’ve been active in finding the most productive ways to dispose of both our food and non-food waste. A local dairy farm takes significant volumes of our fruit waste as cattle feed and compost material. Our calculations show that less than 0.25% of all produce received at Primafruit requires disposal in this way.