Since the MD2 pineapple variety became the leading variety grown for our market, we’ve enjoyed much more consistent fruit quality and flavour.

This improvement has led to greater demand and has ensured that pineapples are a very important part of what we offer to retailers. A difficult fruit to grow, pineapple production has historically been associated with intensive use of agri-chemicals to control pests, to fertilise and to maintain plant health. This is where our growers stand apart from many. They have embraced precision farming techniques and a biological, integrated pest management programme, resulting in a much more environmentally sustainable production standard. Our pineapples are currently sourced from Costa Rica, where our growers participate in a number of outstanding social projects on their farms and within their communities. Behind the pineapple on shelf in the UK supermarket is a great story of re-investment in road infrastructure, in school buildings and equipment, in healthcare provision and in housing improvements.