Our ethics

We take pride in living our values of excellence, integrity, courage and collaboration. Our values don’t just stop with Primafruit, we strive to extend these throughout our supply chain and are supporters of the Modern Slavery Act.

Primafruit Sustainability Report

It's vital that we do the correct thing at every step of the supply chain, before our fruit reaches the customer. This is something we're firmly committed to and passionately believe in.

This report provides details on our progress against our Sustainability Pillars - People, Environment, Sourcing, and the Challenges and Opportunities.

Click here to read the full report.

Sustainable packaging

The long-standing partnerships between Primafruit, Waitrose & Partners and our growers enables us to invest in future varietal work, while developing our sustainability packaging programme.

Primafruit is at the forefront in developing fresh produce packaging, and one of our innovations has been to help Waitrose & Partners to become the first retailer to move from plastic to cartonboard punnets within the Grape category. Primafruit has designed and developed several new packaging concepts for the Duchy Organic brand, in a bid to reduce waste and plastic.

Zero to landfill

Our environmental performance matters to our people and our community.

Primafruit takes great care with regards to our environment performance. We send no waste to landfill and seek the most productive ways of waste disposal - recycling wherever possible and reducing the overall level of waste generated by our site each day. We even donate any surplus fruit that is not fit for human consumption to the local farmer who will use this as cattle feed and compost material.

Social projects at source

Primafruit proudly works with Fairtrade growers making sure there is a good price set to cover the cost of a sustainable production, meaning the farmers are able to plan for their future. There is also the Fairtrade premium which is an additional sum of money paid to workers and farmers to be spent on improving social, economic and environmental conditions in the best way possible.

With Primafruit also operating under the Waitrose & Partners Foundation programme, we are able to be part of the solution towards building a sustainable livelihood for the people and families who grow, pick and pack the produce.


Working towards tackling hunger and food waste, Primafruit partnered with FareShare, a charity who redistribute surplus food to charities who then turn it into meals for a number of groups including the homeless, Children’s breakfast clubs, lunch clubs for older people, domestic violence refuges and community cafés.

Modern slavery

The exploitation of workers is always a risk in the fresh produce industry, both home and abroad. We want to raise awareness and make sure we tackle the issue head-on.

Primafruit holds regular awareness training sessions for staff regarding this issue. If you have any concerns or want further information please click on the link below or call the Fresca Feedback line on 08000 55 64 99.